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Department of International Relations

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The "International relations" department of the Azerbaijan Academy of Labor and Social Relations was established according to the decision of the scientific council of the Academy dated 13.09.2019, and the department was entrusted to the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Jalalov Mahir Jalal oglu.

    The Academy of Labor and Social Relations of Azerbaijan maintains its international relations, cooperation with foreign partner universities, the involvement of foreign students and teachers in the Academy, participation in various international projects and programs, as well as in the direction of the formation of the position of the Academy in the international arena and the increase of its reputation through the "International Relations" department of the Academy's charter. , in accordance with the regulations of the department and other normative-legal documents, builds and operates in a purposeful way for its development.

   The main goal of the department is to organize internal and external relations of the Academy and direct it to the development of its international reputation within the framework of various cooperations.

    The department also tries to provide migration and various advice to foreign students and teachers during the preparation and management of projects, internationalization of the Academy, recruitment of foreign students and teachers. In addition to all these works, the department works in a coordinated manner with the faculties and departments of the Academy, as well as the structural units of the organization.

Through the Academy's website, all innovations, news and announcements in the field of international relations are promptly delivered to the Academy's students, professors and teachers, as well as the public.

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