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Sattar Suliddin oghlu Mohbaliyev, chairman of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Azerbaijan, vice-president of BHIK and the Pan-European Regional Council, MP of the Milli Majlis.

On February 5, 1993, the 19th extraordinary congress of Azerbaijan trade unions was held. According to the unanimous decision at the congress, the Council of Azerbaijan Trade Unions (AHISH) was dissolved, and a new institution, the Confederation of Azerbaijan Trade Unions (AHIK), was established. Sattar Mohbaliyev was elected the chairman of the Confederation through open voting. In 1998-2003-2008-2013-2018, he was re-elected to this position at the I, II, III, IV and V Congresses of the AHIK.  

After being elected as the chairman of AHIK, S. Mohbaliyev spent exceptional work in carrying out reforms in trade unions, preserving its property, adopting the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Trade Unions", strengthening the authority of trade unions, and establishing trade unions in transnational companies. As a result of S. Mohbaliyev's efforts, AHIK is one of the organizations that became the first member of the International Confederation of Trade Unions in the CIS.

S. Mohbaliyev actively participates in the social and political life of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Member of a number of state commissions established in connection with the reforms carried out in the republic, deputy of the Milli Majlis, head of the working group on Poland-Azerbaijan inter-parliamentary relations, member of the working group on Azerbaijan-Turkey, Azerbaijan-Moldova inter-parliamentary relations, member of the Public Associations and Religious Institutions Committee of the National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a member of the disciplinary commission, the Council of Chairmen of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITC), and the Executive Committee of the General Trade Union Confederation. Since 2014, he has been the vice-president of the BHIK, and since 2015, the vice-president of the Pan-European Regional Council.

Doctor of economic sciences, professor, full member of the Academy of Social Sciences of the Russian Federation. "Azerbaijan today: Employment and social partnership problems", "Labor market and employment policy in the transitional period", "Labor market, employment and unemployment scientific-theoretical basis", "International Labor Organization: history, structure and relations with Azerbaijan", "Labor market and social protection of the population" and author of several scientific articles.

He was awarded the Order of Glory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the "Honorary Diploma of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan", the gold and silver medal of the Confederation of All Trade Unions, the gold order of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the All-Russian Trade Union of Communications Workers of the Russian Federation, and the diploma and award of the International Federation of Oil and Gas Construction Trade Unions.

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