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Education at the Academy

     The teaching is organized accordance with the laws which are valid on higher education in Azerbaijan Academy of Labour and Social Relations. The academic year consists of 2 semesters; autumn and spring semesters. Besides summer semester can be organized not more than six weeks during the summer holidays. Academic year is forty weeks. There are 20 weeks in each semester. (5 weeks examination session). 30 credits are determined in each semester. One credit is equal to 30 hours of work of the student`. The student`s weekly overall burden is 45 hours in a five working day of the student. The volume of the student`s weekly work is 1,5 credit. Each week allocated to preparation and defense of final work, preparation of state and semester exam, taking exam and holding experiments is equal 1,5 credit. 30 credits are determined for a student in each semester.

The volume of teaching is determined by credit units in the training plan. The credits are determined according to the activity of participation of the students in lecture hall (lectures, seminars, practical exercises, laboratories); outside lecture halls (student`s free work under the guidance of the teacher); participation in experiments; carrying out laboratory works; preparation for examinations; preparation and defense of final work; preparation of state exam and taking the same exam.

Teaching process is organized in lecture hall and outside lecture halls. The volume of free works is determined according to academic hours allocated to the lectures, seminars and practical exercises. This time free work is determined to one academic hour of all types of lessons less than hour. Student`s free work consists of solving complex problems, fulfillment of the homework and control works, preparation of reports under the guidance of teacher and it is carried out with specially designed table.

Students who do not participate in more than 25 percent of the lecture hours are not allowed to take the exam in that subject.

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