"The trade unions will be at the forefront in the future in accordance with the requirements of the time." Haydar-Aliyev-Expression
Heydar Aliyev

Journal of labour and social relations

     The main press organ of Azerbaijan Academy of  Labour and Social Relations is a scientific and practical journal of “Labour and social relations”. The journal is published twice a year in the volume of 8-10 printing pages with 200 copies. Today there are many scientific journals. There are following important tasks of scientific and practical journal of “Labour and social relations”; being a high level of the articles presented in scientific-practical journal, growing and strengthening of intellectual potential, increasing the quality of education, studying the problems of social-labour relations, application of the successes in the field of information technologies on international scientific cooperation.

The scientific and practical journal of “Labour and social relations” is always open for exchange views on the intellectual discussions and scientific issues. The journal is the discussion area of actual issues associated with the social problems and economy, sociology, law of modern science.

№ 1 (1) 2014

№ 2 (2) 2014

№ 1 (3) 2015

№ 2 (4) 2015

№ 1 (5) 2016

№ 2 (6) 2016

№ 1 (7) 2017

№ 2 (8) 2017

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