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Heydar Aliyev

Evaluation and Monitoring Department

     The assessment and monitoring department organizes and conducts colloquiums in the V, IX, XIII academic weeks, and monitoring during the academic year based on the topics in the syllabus for the subjects taught at the Academy in the fall and spring semesters. The department carefully adheres to the rules that include the new educational standards, organizes and conducts examination sessions within the Academy twice during the academic year (winter, spring) at the time determined by the educational plans. Monitors the provision of exam questions for each subject in the syllabus to students. If the summer semester is organized, it will be held in the summer exam session. Examinations for subjects are carried out in accordance with the "On subject examinations of students studying with the credit system" and "Regulations on the assessment of knowledge of students studying with the credit system" and according to the schedules compiled. Exams are conducted by credit method according to the Bologna education system and are evaluated with a 100-point system.

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