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Heydar Aliyev


The general department of Azerbaijan Academy of Labour and Social Relations carries out the document works. The main purpose of the activity of the  department is to ensure effective implementation of document turnover and its control in Academy. The main functions of the department are: to organize document turnover, to receive documents, to register and to relevant documents on distribution; to organize accounting and control work of document turnover  and to control its executive term; to organize transportation of documents inside and outside of the academy and maintain the necessary documents; to do clerical work in a centralized manner; to schedule vacations shifting of academic staff and to ensure the control of accounting of vacations; to prepare orders, documents  related to the activity; to receive documents of the students who enters to the academy; to include information to “Student-Graduate” state e-data system; to include  notifications related to the labour agreements to e - Government Portal and to include  information about labour internships of insurers into the system. The department operates with all structural sections; the teaching, accounting and administrative departments and deans` offices.

       All the documents about the activity of the Academy are formalized and delivered accordingly. Students who enters to the academy give their documents to general department. The department cooperated with the State Students Admission Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Information is included into the “Student-Graduate” State e-Data System in general department. Employees giving their documents to general department sign “labour agreement ”.

      Rubabe Heybat qizi Mammadova is the head of the general department.

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