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The chairman of Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation, vice-president of International Trade Unions Confederation and Pan European Regional Council, member of Parliament Sattar Mehbaliyev.

Was born in Givrag village of Sharur District of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. In 1979 graduated from National Economy University named after Z. Bunyadzade. In 1973 he worked at various enterprises as a commodities expert, engineer-economist, and deputy chief accountant. From 1980 till 1993 he worked at Republican Committee of Trade Union of Auto transportation and Macadam Road Workers as an inspector, then a head of finance department , in 1991 as a result of democratic election he became a chairman of that committee.

After regaining independence there was necessity of conducting relevant reforms in all spheres as well as in trade unions. In 1992 The organization committee was set up with view to carrying out structural reforms and preparing new regulations generally in trade union council and trade unions under supervision of S.Mehbaliyev .In 1993 Constituent Congress of Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation was held and S.Mehbaliyev was elected chairman of Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation with unanimous proposals and votes of participants of Constituent Congress. In 1998, 2003, 2008, 2013 and 2018 at I, II, III, IV and V congress he was reelected to chairman post. In 2006 at the assembly of Independent Trade Union of Education Institutions Workers he was elected chairman of that union.

After having been elected chairman of Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation S. Mehbaliyev played a leading role in carrying out reforms, protecting properties, accepting laws concerning trade unions, strengthening trade union position, forming trade unions in transnational companies etc. As a result of his effort ATUC became one of the first members of International Trade Unions Confederation New Independent States.

S. Mehbaliyev plays an active role in social and political life of the Azerbaijan Republic. He is a member of parliament and some commission of reforms. He has got scientific articles. He is an author of numerous methodological books. He is doctor economics, professor. He is an activ member of the Academy of Sosial Sciences Russian Federation. He is a head of Poland –Azerbaijan interparliamentary working group as well as a member of Azerbaijan-France and Azerbaijan-Moldova interparliamentary working groups, a permanent committee on economical policy of Parliament, Member of the Committee on Public Associations and Religious Organizations and also disciplinary commission of Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan board chairmen of International Trade Unions Confederation and an executive committee of Generel Trade Unions Confederation.

He is an author of sever books such as "Azerbaijan Today: Problems of Employment and Social Partnership", "Labor Market and Employment Policy in Transition", "Labor Market, Scientific and Theoretical Foundations of Employment and Unemployment", "International Labor Organization: History, Structure and Relations with Azerbaijan" Market and Social Protection of Population "and a number of scientific articles.

Chairman of Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation S.Mehbaliyev was elected as a vice-president of the International Trade Unions Confederation at the 3rd World Congress of ITUC in 18-13 May of 2014 in Berlin Germany. According to the order of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic dated 28.10.2015 Sattar Suliddin oglu Mehbaliyev was awarded with the honorary diploma of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic for a fruitful activity in the development of trade unions movement.He also awarded with Silver medal of General Trade Unions Confederation. Sattar Mehbaliyev was elected as a vice-president of the organization of the 3rd General Assembly of Pan-European Regional Council/International Trade Unions Confederation in Brussels in 15.12.2015.

He is awarded with "Şöhrət" order, silver medal of Generel Trade Unions Confederation, and so on.