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Shusha locates in the Karabakh ranges of the Lesser Caucasus. The area of the region is 289 km2, the population is 29700 (01.01.2011). The centre is Shusha city.

Shusha was occupied on May 8, 1992. As the result of the occupation, 195 people were killed, 165 people were wounded and 58 people were missing. The number of internally displaced persons is 27136. 5 people of the region were awarded the title of National Hero of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

As a result of the occupation, 31 settlements and villages, 248 historical monuments, 4 technical schools, 25 secondary schools, 31 libraries, 17 clubs, 8 cultural centers, 30 health institutions, 7 kindergartens, 4 cinemas, 5 parks, 2 sanatoriums, 2 hotels, Shusha branch of Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute, Shusha branch of Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute, a branch of the State Museum of Azerbaijan Carpet, Shusha State Drama Theatre, Shusha Television, Eastern musical instruments factory, the State Art Gallery, Children`s Health school were destroyed, burned and looted by Armenian invaders.

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