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Aghdam locates in the north-eastern slope of Karabakh ranges of the Lesser Caucasus, in the south-west of the Kur-Araz lowland. The area of the region is 1150 km2, the population is 180600 (01.01.2011). The center is Aghdam city.

Aghdam was occupied on June 23, 1993. As a result of the occupation 538 people were killed, 587 people were disabled. 17 people of the region were awarded the title of National Hero of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
As the result of occupation 82 settlements and villages, 27 historical monuments, 48 industrial facilities, 29 agricultural properties, 57 communication centers, 114 educational institutions, 59 kindergartens, 17 hospitals, 24 clinics, 1 maternity hospital, 26 pharmacies, 52 medical centers, 57 libraries, 47 clubs, 4 museums, 16 mosques, 3 reservoirs were destroyed, burned and looted by Armenian invaders.

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